Mountain Peak Fitness offers a monthly online & personal coaching service that focuses on learning and getting to know you as much as possible through our questionnaires, athlete profiles, training history, injury profile, along with the rapport you develop with your coach through phone consults, 1 on 1 sessions, emails, skype/facetime, etc.  The more we know about you, the more focused and effective your training will be. 

We design and develop your weekly, monthly & annual training plans based on your goals, available time to train, stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise & injury history and much more. This is to ensure we create a training plan that is specific to you and efficiently works with your schedule for maximum results.

MPF Coaches are certified through NASM (CPT, CES, PES, GFS, YES, FNS), USA Cycling, USATF, FMS - Functional Movement Screen, C.H.E.K Institute, CPR AED & First Aid, as well as others.

Your workouts are just part of your training plan, by addressing your nutrition, sleep habits, recoverability, stress management, digestive health, mental well being, etc. will give you the best chance to reach your goals and thrive day to day. We will focus on your movement patterns and address weak links such as mobility limitations, compensations, imbalances and injuries.

By not only prioritizing your strengths, but confronting your weaknesses, only then can you effectively adapt, increase your overall strength, power, speed & endurance, as well as become a more resilient, knowledgeable & complete athlete for the adventure ahead.

How it works

  • Plans are month to month with no start up fee. Once you subscribe, fill out our Athlete Profile Questionnaire
  • You will then connect your Training Peaks account with your coach. If you don’t have a TP account, you can create one or we can set one up for you. Training Peaks is where you will find your scheduled workouts and data analysis tools to have a deeper look into your training. Your completed training data will be uploaded to this account at the end of each workout or as often as possible.
  • Each week you will fill out your TTA Form (training time availability) for your coach. This ensures your training schedule matches your availability.
  • Your training schedule is continually refined and scheduled weekly, based on your feedback, training data analysis of your completed and scheduled workouts, along with your training availability for each week.
  • Every morning you will be emailed your workouts for the next 2 days, you can also view your entire training schedule at or via the mobile app from your smartphone or moble device.
  • Then complete the scheduled workouts to the best of your ability and enjoy the journey!

"First move well, then move often"
Gray Cook

Monthly Coaching

A complete training plan specifically designed for you. Includes a corrective exercise to address imbalances, compensations, injuries and or limitations, as well as maximize recoverability. The way you move is our priority. We continually look at you movement patterns, making sure that you have the necessary mobility and strength to move efficiently. This ensures you greater benefit from you sport specific training and strength & conditioning program that includes, speed, agility and a power training component. 

  • A fully customized training plan & schedule specific to you.
  • Daily reviews of your schedule, with any needed adjustments made.
  • Corrective exercise training
  • Strength, speed, agility & power training
  • Premium account. ($20 monthly value)
  • Unlimited communication with your coach (typically 2-3x per week- emails, texting or phone.)
  • Gear & Equipment guidance
  • Nutritional Guidance for training, racing & day to day.
  • Race Specific Plans & Strategies.
  • Monthly rate $235

Monthly Coaching + Personal Coaching Sessions

Includes everything in our Online Coaching Plan but you also gain 1-4 personal coaching/training sessions per month, 1 hour each. This will allow the coach to work with you in a one on one environment to ensure your movment patterns and exercise form is correct and that you are getting the most out of your training. This can also be used for running and cycling assessments. If meeting one on one is not possible, Skype or FaceTime calls will be used in place.

  • A fully customized training plan & schedule specific for you.
  • Daily reviews of your schedule, with any needed adjustments made.
  • Corrective exercise training
  • Strength, speed, agility & power training
  • Premium account.
  • Unlimited communication with your coach (typically 2-3x per week- emails, texting, Skype, FaceTime or phone.)
  • Gear & Equipment guidance
  • Nutritional Guidance for training, racing & day to day.
  • Race Specific Plans & Strategies.
  • 1-4 Personal Training Session per month (1 hour each).

Monthly + 1 session / $295

Monthly +2 sessions / $375

Monthly +3 sessions / $445

Monthly +4 sessions / $515

Ben Nephew's Training Plans

Our 10 week intermediate to advanced training plans are designed by MPF Coach Ben Nephew. Each training plan is made available upon purchase and can be digitally downloaded as a PDF or e-book. The format is compatible with windows pc or mac computers, iPhone, iPad, android, tablets, kindle, etc.  

Monthly Consulting

Our consulting option puts the athlete in contact with a Professional Coach on a monthly basis. This is ideal for the self coached athlete who is looking for advice and guidance with their current training plan to ensure they are on the right path to reaching their goals and athletic potential. 

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Training data analysis & feedback
  • Gear guidance, strategies and recommendations
  • Nutritional guidance for training, racing & day to day life.
  • Race Strategies and more.
  • Monthly rate $170 

Phone Consults 

Have questions about your current training or an upcoming race? Looking for advice on how to properly taper for a goal race or adventure?  Are you someone new to running or cycling and would like to talk with a professional coach to help you get started? Questions about gear? We're here to help!  Schedule a phone consult today and fill out our Questionnaire.

  • Each phone consult is up to 1 hour.
  • Includes 1 week unlimited email support for further discussion
  • Cost - $90