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By Ben Nephew
While I’m not the only one who struggles to select which pair of shoes for a race, I may be particularly challenged due to the vast number of inov-8 models I have to select from.  Even after over 15 years of trail racing, I still find it difficult to decide on shoes for some races. 

By Joe Azze
This year we are testing out the MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoes and are very pleased with their performance so far. From breaking trail in 3+ feet of snow, to cruising around on hard packed trails and climbing up and over mountain tops, the MSR’s design is a step above the rest.

After a couple years of not snowshoe racing very much at all, I decided to try and get back into it this year due to the fact that SS nationals are in VT this year and the realization that I am getting too far away from shorter races in general.  While my training has been limited by family and work obligations, I thought I was doing enough quality workouts to at least run decently. 

The HURT 100 is a five-loop, 25k’ elevation gain/loss course through the Tantalus section of Honolulu.  For me, this was largely a proof of concept… I was able to finish in 2013 just under the time limit and despite promising myself that I would never do this race again I found myself curious to see if I could do better

Tis the season for slippery surfaces!  As many a seasoned athlete knows, some of the best training happens during the winter months.  For many of the folks at Mountain Peak Fitness, now is the time to lay down a strong foundation for the big races to come this season.  Here are some of the tools I’ve used to stay on my feet when logging winter miles on slick surfaces

I Love the poles especially when I’m going uphill, the poles allow my upper body and core to take part in the movement. I find they also help me focus on proper hiking form, making my hiking more energy efficient