Turning It Around: From Awful to Awesome!

Turning It Around: From Awful to Awesome!

By Phil Germakian
This morning I woke up dreading my long run.  Earlier this week, I planned to do my long run with a local running group.  The workout was hill repeats up and down Mt. Sanitas.  One loop is 5K in distance with about 1200 feet of vertical.  The day before I decided I would do 4 laps, which would be about a 12 mile run with roughly 4800 feet of vertical, and take me about 3 hours to complete.

"2 Races and the Little Things" by Ben Nephew. A recap of snowshoe racing and some family time...

After a couple years of not snowshoe racing very much at all, I decided to try and get back into it this year due to the fact that SS nationals are in VT this year and the realization that I am getting too far away from shorter races in general.  While my training has been limited by family and work obligations, I thought I was doing enough quality workouts to at least run decently. 

2014 HURT 100 by Patrick Castello “I’m Not Fast but I’m Sure Dumb”

The HURT 100 is a five-loop, 25k’ elevation gain/loss course through the Tantalus section of Honolulu.  For me, this was largely a proof of concept… I was able to finish in 2013 just under the time limit and despite promising myself that I would never do this race again I found myself curious to see if I could do better

Gear Review - Traction Devices "Tis the season for slippery surfaces!" by MPF Campmor Athlete, Grace Lin

Tis the season for slippery surfaces!  As many a seasoned athlete knows, some of the best training happens during the winter months.  For many of the folks at Mountain Peak Fitness, now is the time to lay down a strong foundation for the big races to come this season.  Here are some of the tools I’ve used to stay on my feet when logging winter miles on slick surfaces

Gear Review - Salomon S-LAB XT 6 Trail Running Shoe by MPF Campmor Athlete Jules Moore

When I bought the Salomon S-Lab XT-6 at Campmor, I was looking for a shoe that was built with solid foot protection while providing some support.  I’ve never used a Salomon product and I was intrigued to give these shoes a spin.  The XT-6 exceeded my expectations in protection, comfort and overall performance.  

"I don’t need no stinkin’ Microspikes", Winter Wild Wachusett race report by Ben Nephew

Without any snow for snowshoe racing, I decided to try out one of the new NE Winter Wild events at Wachusett Mountain last weekend.  These are unique races where you can select all sorts of ways to get up and down a ski mountain early in the morning before the lifts open.  After consulting with Ryan Welts, the fastest way to go at these races, other than skis, seemed to be...

MPF Coach Ben Nephew sets a new FKT on The Wittenberg, Cornell, Slide Mountain Loop in the Southern Catskills! FKT

It looks like the FKT competition in the northeast is starting to become more active.  A few weeks after my time for the Presidential Traverse was destroyed by Jan Wellford, Josh Burns beat my 2010 time (run data) for the WCS loop by about 3 minutes.   I was headed back to New Paltz to visit family last weekend, so I decided to see if I could improve on my previous time enough to set another FKT. 

Race Report by MPF/Campmor Athlete, Len Huffman, The MOMA 50k "Gutting it out"

As September neared its end, I was preparing for my 3rd Mountain Madness 50k. I had mixed feelings about the race this year. Last year I had trained on the course often and had more miles in my legs but felt under trained this year. A busy schedule had kept me from but just 1 training run on the course. The course was also different this year due to pipeline construction. Never the less, I signed up and prepared to do my best.

Race Report by MPF Client Mike Zusman - The Mountain Madness 7 Mile Trail Run, “Racing above Threshold"!

I wasn’t sure what to expect racing the 7 mile Mountain Madness trail run, but my hunch was that the relatively short race would be fast from the gun. While I was operating under a number of assumptions, things started off as I had envisioned. I had a quality 15 minute warm up, and I was at the front on the starting line.

Video Exercise Highlight - Advanced Pushups by Joe Azze

Push-Ups are a great way to strengthen your core while enhancing upper body strength. The core not only involves the abdominals but includes the muscles of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, along with the pelvic girdle and hip joint. The push-ups in the video demonstrate the involvement of the core for stabilization and performance. These are just a few examples.