Elizabeth and Joe Azze have a combined experience of over 35 years designing and implementing sport specific and strength & conditioning programs for the beginner to the professional athlete. We work extensively with athletes & clients in one on one and group session formats, as well as through our online coaching & consulting programs.

We specialize in getting you to move the way nature intended, unimpeded and free to adventure as you please. We focus on your fundamental movement patterns, ensuring that your crawling, rolling, reaching, lunging, squatting, pulling, running, sprinting, balancing, breathing, bracing, etc. are all free of imbalances and compensations. You don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical but you can be better in all aspects of movement and life.

Its the basics that must be given the respect that they deserve. If your sleep is not optimal, you movement patterns show compensations, hydration poor, stress mismanaged, nutritions haphazard or misguided, etc., it will be difficult for you to thrive in the lifestyle you wish to live. Strengthening the basics and making them part of each day, each workout, each adventure, will give you the best chance to reach your goals.

We understand your need to be free to explore your physical and mental potential and with many responsibilities and time restraints each of us face today, the quality, safety and precision of your training is of our highest priority.

As outdoor enthusiasts and athletes ourselves, we would like to share the value of good health and the importance of adventuring outdoors!

Always adventure
Mountain Peak Fitness

Joe Azze 

I have been involved in sports & fitness since the day that I could, I was always interested in how I could become a better athlete and helping others to do the same. Having worked with clients and athletes over the past 17 years, ages 13 to the strong age of 85, I have gained a lot of knowledge, inspiration and respect for the physical ability and mental strength that is in each one of us. 

CPR/AED Certified
FIrst Aid Certified

Elizabeth Azze

The power and passion derived from choosing to be a personal trainer/coach has offered me a lifestyle that is very rewarding and full of adventure.  I choose to live my passion daily by working to improve my mind, body and soul. I feel in order to tap in to true wellness it must be something you work on constantly. I love guiding the power within others to reach goals they never would have thought possible. For the last 13 years I have loved everyday of my life as a personal trainer/teacher/guide/ role model and ultra runner. I am always learning and searching for better and more efficient techniques of achieving overall wellness. This is especially important in today’s society where people are over consumed with processed foods, lack of movement and stress. A healthy guide is necessary to get on track in order to gain the power from within. 

Bachelors in Science
CPR/AED Certified
First Aid Certified

Ben Nephew

I started running track and XC in high school, and although I finally made it to the state XC meet my senior year, my PR’s in track were only 4:50 and 10:40.  I made progress throughout my college XC career at Hobart College, getting my 8k PR under 27 minutes, but most importantly I learned how to train smart and make running a long-term endeavor from my coach, Ron Fleury.  I was fortunate to attend graduate school in the Boston area, and soon joined the Greater Boston Track Club.  With GBTC and the New England road racing scene, I was exposed to another level of competition.  My road times improved steadily, running 25:50 for 8k and 1:11 for the half marathon, but I also discovered that I was much more competitive on the trails than on the roads, where I won the Western Mass Athletic Club trail series 9 times between 1999-2009.  I was active on both surfaces from 1998-2003, when I started racing ultras after joining the Central Massachusetts Striders.  My first road 50k was a 3:14 in 2003, and my first 50 miler was a 6:18 for 4th place at JFK.  My PR’s are now 3:10 and 5:47.  I was the USATF National Trail Marathon Champion in 2006, and I’ve won a few other USATF medals at the road and trail 50k championships.  I’ve been selected to the US team for the IAU Road 50k Championship twice, and I’m a three time member of the IAU Trail Championship team where I was 6th in 2011.  Over the past four years I’ve been attempting Fastest Known Times, and some of my current FKT’s include the Devil’s Path in the Catskills and the Pemi Loop and Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains.  My professional background is in stress physiology, and I study the effects of chronic stress on behavior and physiology in my lab.  This research focus has benefitted my running, and I’ve also studied training and racing physiology informally for the past 15 years.  I’m excited to join the Mountain Peak Fitness team, and look forward to helping others establish healthy training plans to maximize both enjoyment and performance.

Ph.D. in Biology, Tufts University  
B.S. in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, Hobart Collage
Professional Background in Stress Physiology
Currently Studies the effects of Chronic Stress on behavior and Physiology in his lab.