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THE 2015 MOUNT TAMMANY 10 takes place near the Delaware Water Gap of NJ. It is a 3 mile loop that is ran 10x's, taking you up Mount Tammany 10x's for around 40 miles and over 12,000 feet of elevation gain! This year the runners had an additional challenge of a late winter storm that came in the day before. Music by Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away" and The Black Keys "Little Black Submarines". vimeo / youtube

Ride on March 25th, 2015 - ride data www.strava.com/activities/273962081

FOOTAGE OF BEN NEPHEW'S 2ND LAP AT THE 2015 TAMMANY 10. Despite the spring snowfall many hardy souls set out to test themselves on some of the toughest trails around. Congratulations to MPF RNR athlete Ben Nephew for setting a new course record at the Mt. Tammany 10! 40 miles, 12,000 feet of gain in 7 hours & 33 minutes! Here is a little footage of Ben's 2nd lap. vimeo / youtube / facebook

3/20/15 MPF ATHLETE EVAN FINEMAN ON DAY 2 OF HIS CYCLING CAMP - Today we took our mountain bikes to the MPF Spring Classic Route to check on some of the road conditions. This is a very challenging ride we host each spring and it starts from the Bear Mountain Inn parking area, heads across the bridge and after a short stint on Rt. 9D, we make our way up South Mountain Pass and into the old world of history and dirt roads. These roads are perfect training grounds for the Tour of the Battenkill Cycling Race. Here is a little footage from todays ride. vimeo / youtube / facebook / strava

MPF RNR TEAM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE - The team traversed the Franconia Ridge in New Hampshire, with a climb up Mt Osceola. Lead by Ryan Welts. Click here for Elizabeth Azze's Adventure Report. vimeo / youtube 

BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL CONDITIONS - Feb 20th, 2015, we scouted out the Breakneck Point Trail Marathon and 25k course in Hudson Highlands State Park, NY. Julian and I wanted to see if it would be feasible for the MPF RNR Trail Team to do the marathon course this weekend but we knew that the conditions were going to be tough and slow going...read more. vimeo / youtube

2015 MPF 4TH ANNUAL CATSKILLS WINTER ADVENTURE - This video is about 2015, 4th Annual Catskills Winter Adventure in the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area of New York State. vimeo / youtube

2/4/15 SNOWSHOE & HIKE IN HSP - Conditions were great for snowshoeing in the Harriman State Park area of New York but a few of us opted for the no snowshoe approach. vimeo 

1/28/15 HIKE IN HSP - A great hike in Harriman State Park (NY-NJ Trail Map 118) after a little more snow fall hit our area! We covered about 9 miles and broke trail for about 8 of those. Couldn't have asked for better working conditions! vimeo / youtube

BEN NEPHEW'S 2014 FKT ON BREAKNECK RIDGE OF NY - This video is about Ben's FKT attempt on the Breakneck Ridge, down Beacon Mountain and back. Date was Saturday, November 22nd, 2014. vimeo / youtube

KETTLEBELL SWING WITH WORKOUTS - For our article on the Kettlebell Swing and step by step workouts, click here.

2014 ESCARPMENT 18.6 MILE TRAIL RUN - This was the 38th running of the event! Northeastern Catskills of New York. Fore more videos, pictures & race reports, visit www.mountainpeakfitness.com/escarpment.

BEN NEPHEW & BRIAN RUSIECKI CLIMBING INDIAN HEAD MOUNTAIN AT THE 2014 MANITOU'S REVENGE 54 MILE ULTRA - In the Northeastern Catskills of New York. These are the leaders of the race at about mile 33, making their way up Indian Head Mountain on Devils Path. Video shows just 5 minutes of their 11 hour effort; intense! It also shows a little how I go about capturing the action. vimeo / youtube

2014 MANITOU'S REVENGE ULTRAMARATHON - This is a 54 mile ultramarathon through the Catskills beginning in Windham, N.Y. on the northern Black Dome Trail and then mostly following the Long Path from Acra Point all the way to downtown Phoenicia, N.Y. It's a grueling, gnarly, nasty course with approximately 17,000 ft. of climbing, much of it rocky and precipitous. This is a great race to photo & video because I get a chance to have my own adventure with some amazing athletes. vimeo / youtube

BEN NEPHEW ON BLACKHEAD MTN DURING THE 2013 ESCARPMENT RUNHere is a video from the 2013 Escarpment Trail Run of 11x winner and course recored holder (2:45:20) Ben Nephew, climbing Blackhead Mountain in the Northeastern Catskills of New York. vimeo / youtube

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