Here you will find a list of equipment with links that we recommend. For new athletes and clients training with us, the basic equipment and training tools that are essential for you to have are.

  1. Foam Roller
  2. Yoga Mat or a dense exercises mat. It can't be to soft or thick with no support. 
  3. HR Monitor


  • Stability Ball - Either a 55 cm, 65 cm or 75 cm stability ball (physio ball). It depends on your height as to which one would be best for you or you can purchase all three which will allow for greater diversity and challenges.
  • Kettlebells - Kettlebells offer a great way to functionally train the entire human movement system. Kettlebells are a serious strength, power & conditioning tool and focuses on muscle integration and not isolation. Proper skill development and progressions is essential.
  • Foam Roller - This is a must have! Self-myofascial release (SMR) is another form of stretching that focuses on the neural system and tissues of the body. We will use this to apply gently force to adhesions, "knots" or general tight musculature that causes pain and discomfort which alters the bodies posture causing injuries & inefficiency. Think of its as your very own massage & stretch therapist. Click here to learn more...
  • Training Ropes - Rope training is an intense conditioner for your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Its also a great way to enhance your grip strength as well as your functional and core strength. Click here to watch some movements performed with the ropes. 
  • Powerblock Dumbbells - These Powerblock DB's are great to have and we have been using them for many years with no problems. They take up very little room at just 2 dumbbells that convert into many. They are reasonably priced compared to buying individual DB's that can cost you significantly more.
  • TRX - TRX Suspension Training requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s bodyweight to enable hundreds of exercises that can be instantly scaled for any user to reach any fitness or training goal. The easily scalable nature of TRX Suspension Training makes it a practical solution wherever you are on the fitness continuum.
  • Slackline - Gibbons slacklines offers a great way to enhance balance, core and functional ability.
  • Medicine Balls - Medicine balls are a great addition to your in-home gym and come in many varieties.  MB's are an awesome way to train any area of your body while always integrating the core (abdominal complex, hips, glutes, low back and along the spine) in a functional manner.
  • Bands & Tubing - These allow further training in all planes of motion, stressing your functional posture & core strength. Any exercise you have seen in the gym, can be done with these + much more.  The one's we like to use are the All-Purpose Exercise Bands. They come in 5 levels of resistance, so be sure to ask us which one's would be best for you. We do recommend you purchase all of them (5 in total). These are very durable bands and can be attached in many ways.
  • Mini- Bands - These are great for lateral resistance and movements.
  • Cones, Jump ropes, Stretching helpers (Stretch out Strap), BOSU Balance Trainer, PB Discs Pillows, Airex Balance Pads, wobble boards, Ankle weights, Parachutes, Speed & Agility Ladders, Sled Dawg 2, Plyo-Boxes, Hurdles & Cones 


  • Heart Rate Monitor - Using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), will add great benefit to your workouts. With the combination of your RPE (Rating perceived exertion) and  at heart rate monitor you will gain a better understanding to your prescribed training loads, workloads, intensity and effort. You can purchase a HRM at many locations or order them online at Garmin, Wahoo FitnessSuunto or We highly recommend that you purchase one with GPS capability or use the Wahoo Fitness app for your iPhone or Android Device and its compatible Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap.
  • Cycling Trainers & Rollers - Such as the one's from Saris Cycling Company which you can purchase at Campmor or your local bike shop.  These are great and deliver a road like feel with varying resistance to almost mimic what the response would be when you head outside for a ride. 
  • Stationary Bike or Spin Bike
  • Treadmills - NordictrackLife Fitness Treadmills, Pro-Form Treadmills, etc.



GARMIN GPS, HEART RATE & ANT+ Data Recording Devices:

  • Garmin Forerunner 305 - running
  • Garmin Forerunner 310xt - running, cycling, swimming
  • Garmin Forerunner 910xt - running, cycling, swimming
  • Garmin Edge 810 - cycling
  • Garmin Edge 800 - cycling
  • Garmin Edge 510 - cycling
  • Garmin Edge 500 - cycling


  • Training Peaks 
  • Garmin Connect 
  • Wahoo Fitness 
  • MapMyFitness 
  • Strava 


Places to purchase equipment and for more information visit: